About Us

PharmEase, LLC was founded in 2001 by local business owners with a desire to provide extraordinary service to customers in a highly-regulated, under- served industry. Since the beginning, it has been our goal to make each long-term care, assisted living or mental health facility, a trusted partner.

Heartland Pharmacy, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, was the first branch of PharmEase, LLC. Starting its services in Southeast Idaho, it became the pioneer for what would become a thriving business, centered on providing the best pharmacy services in the long-term care community. It services Southeastern and Northern Idaho, Montana, Washington, Utah and Arizona; it continues to build strong relationships and maintains the core of Heartland Pharmacy.

Heartland Long Term Care Pharmacy, located in Boise, Idaho, extended the reach of PharmEase to all of Idaho in 2002, expanding services to Western Idaho and Oregon. Heartland Long Term Care Pharmacy continues the tradition of building customer relationships, providing the highest quality of service and helping communities operate effective and efficient medication programs.

Heartland Pharmacy-Denver, located in Englewood, Colorado, was the first out-of-state branch for PharmEase. The reputation of PharmEase created an opportunity to expand and advance in the Intermountain Region creating a stronger regional presence. Several years of successful growth and influence paved the way for Heartland Pharmacy-Denver to offer the same unprecedented customer service to an extended market. The Denver operation is rapidly growing because of its ability to provide the same high quality services and solutions to its customers as our other pharmacies.

We are committed to working with you to create quality solutions that support greater compliance, incorporate time-saving tools, and provide technological advances.