"As a medium sized Assisted Living community, our pharmacy relationship is paramount to our success. When we first heard of Heartland we were unhappy with the service we were receiving from our pharmacy. We wanted a pharmacy that would spend time creating a relationship with us and help us be successful for our residents. We were also looking for a pharmacy who believed in the power of technology to save time and money that would be better spent on our residents, rather than on managing paper MARs and orders. Heartland promised a good working relationship with outstanding customer service and a love for the efficiency of technology and wow, did they deliver! They sent two awesome people out to do the paperwork to help us transition. They were fast and friendly, they did it all, and with a smile! The customer service is amazing. We love calling the pharmacy when we need something because they are our friends and they get the job done right, the first time. They helped us partner with the best Assisted Living Software on the market, now we save time and money due to our increased efficiency. Heartland is better than the prior two pharmacies we used from our own backyard, and they are hundreds of miles away! We could not be happier with our relationship. We love Heartland Pharmacy!" ‐Michael N., Administrator, UT

"Our company recently transitioned to Heartland Pharmacy. Typically the big concerns with a change of this magnitude are details, follow through and potential errors. We were lead through the process step by step and the transition was practically seamless" ‐Laura Mathias, Executive Director, ID

"Heartlands - philosophy, attitude and services are a perfect match f…. This is a partnership that embraces the team approach, putting the patients’ needs first and enhancing lives.” ‐Mike Skelton, General Manager, ID

“I don’t think that I have ever experienced such a smooth transition nor received the type of customer service your pharmacy has provided. The training you provided our staff alone, mixed with all the follow up phone calls has been remarkable.” ‐Jennifer Pearson, Administrator, ID