LTC Pharmacy Retention Officer (Idaho Falls)

Compensation:  Base Salary is negotiable depending on experience.

Employment type: Position is Full-Time.

Previous Sales Experience or two years LTC pharmacy experience
Strong Communication and Presentation Skills
Ability to Build and Maintain Relationships

Preferred Qualifications:
Bachelor’s Degree in Related Field is preferred.


  1. Follows retention cycle as outlined as it relates to the service of LTC pharmacy.
  2. Ability to articulate the features and benefits of all product lines.
  3. Travel required.
  4. Complies with and articulates all company policy and procedures.
  5. Follows procedures in accordance with the objectives of the company’s strategic plan.
  6. Must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the use and operation and maintenance of all equipment and technology.
  7. Follow external performance and monitoring expectations as outlined.
  8. Work closely and communicate needs/information with Regional Account Manager.
  9. Ability to adhere to and coordinate the needs of the pharmacy with facilities assigned and their patients or the patient’s family.
  10. Follows company’s physical demand requirements
  11. Performs other marketing and customer retention duties as directed by immediate supervisor.
  12. Constantly maintains HIPAA compliance

Please Note:

Resumes must be submitted directly to the HR Department by March 15, 2018.         


Please use form to send your application and Resume to HR. Applications and Resume's may be delivered by mail if preferred. Please put to the attention of HR on any mail sent.